In December 2016, we travelled to Bangalore to film India’s burgeoning female skate movement for a music video for Wild Beasts’ single, Alpha Female.  On release, the video went viral.  We were bombarded with questions and reactions about these girls – everyone was asking to know more about the “skating sari girls”.  We were overwhelmed by the response and wanted to tell the story of why skateboarding has changed these girls' lives.


In India, a female skateboarder is a symbol;  a symbol of going against the grain, standing boldly in front of society and taking ownership of one's life.  Skateboarding symbolises freedom for these young women to choose to define for themselves what a woman can and should do.


We want to commemorate this incredible moment and show how massive change can start with just one person standing up for what they believe in.


Our video for Alpha Female by Wild Beasts



We want to fundraise building a skatepark in Kamali’s village, Mahabalipuram, so that more girls and children will be encouraged to learn, with Kamali as their guide. The skate park will have a massive impact on how the whole community views women, and literally help Kamali and her mother aid positive change for the future generations in their village and beyond, as well as allow Kamali to advance in her skills without our leaving her town and family.


Please contact us to get involved! 



While filming our music video, we met Kamali.  The adorable seven-year-old skater girl who's enormous courage is matched by her charisma.  


She and her mother, Suganthi, made their first trip outside of their small traditional fishing village - where Kamali is the only girl skater - to work with us.


During our time together we learned that Suganthi believes that allowing Kamali to skate, even against the wishes of her family, will empower her daughter to break free from the cycle of poverty that she is trapped in.  Suganthi is determined for her daughter to have access to education and fulfill her dreams as a self-sufficient, independent woman - a fate that she was denied.


 Kamali is becoming a symbol of hope for the future of women in India. 

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